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selfie one gameIn the world of sports there are a million “right” ways to do something. There are countless coaching philosophies, game strategies, skill techniques, and sports psychology principles floating around out there. But these, on this blog, are mine. These are my interpretations, my experiences, my trials, my successes, my failures, my philosophies, and my learned knowledge as it applies to my life as a softball coach, athlete, and sport psychology Masters Graduate.

At the young age of eight, I received the opportunity to experience positive coaching at its finest. I was coached by a coach who understood the value of self confidence, and what it means to truly believe in a player, despite the odds. Without his guidance, and trust in my abilities, I wouldn’t be who I am, or have the dreams I have, today.

While living out my dream of playing collegiate softball, I came upon the realization that I wanted to influence someones life, as my coach, had influenced mine. This epiphany lead me to attain a BA in Kinesiology with a focus in coaching, and a minor in Exercise Science. Throughout my undergrad curriculum, I was required to take a Sports Psychology intro course; it was love at first lesson.25089_1278222429565_5434882_n I could suddenly apply what I was learning in the classroom immediately to my real life, practice. A few classes wasn’t enough. After taking a semester off to coach a varsity JC softball program, I realized I wanted more. I wanted an MA in Sports Psychology, and possibly a Doctorate someday.

So here I am, a recent M.A. graduate chasing her dreams of becoming the kind of coach who discovered her own life’s passion.

You can explore more of my professional and educational background here:  Sarah Marcia – Linked In



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Quote of the day:

“A good coach can make players see what they can be, not what they are” 


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  1. Powdered Feet

    Hey! Where are you in school? I am currently considering graduate programs myself and would love to learn more about your experience. Thanks!

    • Hello,
      I am just about to start my second year of graduate school. I’m 21 units in, and just transferred to San Jose State from Chico State University.
      Feel free to e-mail me with any specific questions you have.

      • Madhu sudan Hazra

        Hi, this is Madhu from India, but now i am in South Korea (seoul), I am here with a scholarship for research in sports psychology, My institute over here is Korea Institute of Sports Science, I very much impressed by your blog, Its really nice, hope i will enjoy your writings ahead.

      • Wow! Thank you for the conpliment!! What research are you doing?

    • I’m sorry, sometimes my phone automatically deletes my e-mails and they are gone forever. I just saw yours in my inbox and then my phone ate it, would you mind sending me another copy.

  2. Powdered Feet

    you’ve got mail 🙂

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  4. Hi Sarah! I am very impressed with your blog site! I’d like to speak to you about your interest into becoming a contributor on, the #1 Youth Sports News website in the country. We are launching a new segment of the site, Health & Wellness, and you content would be a perfect fit! If interested, please contact me at 973-896-6426. Laura Petrillo, President,


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