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The importance of grass stains

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A great perspective on the importance of childhood play. Take a look!


Grass stains are the mark of play, they’re a sign that development is well on its way. Kids used to strut around with grass-stained blue jeans. A grass stain was a badge of honor; something cherished by yesterday’s youth. When your mom, armed with her Tide, couldn’t remove those stubborn stains – everybody knew you were a “player.”

And because players spent their childhood running, jumping, sliding, tumbling, falling down and getting up they developed the 3 C’s – coordination, competance, and confidence. Players came out of childhood and entered youth sports with an advantage; they had develop more ability for athletics.

Players developed the three C’s playing around in the backyards – a learning environment of the highest kind; unstructered play at it’s best, no instruction, no expections, merely playing for the fun of it. Today, however, backyards are absent of frolicking kids. Most of the time they look…

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Softball Mental Strength for Teams

Softball Mental Strength for Teams written by Melanie Hamlin M.A. This workbook is full of exercises and lessons specifically geared toward softball teams. It was written by a student in graduate school who played collegiate softball and now coaches. It’s easy to use, something any coach could implement into their seasons practices plans. check it out! Softball Mental Strength for Teams (9781478260066): Melanie Hamlin M.A.: Books.

Positive Coaching Book

Positive Coaching: Building Character and Self-esteem Through Sports written by  Jim Thompson. One of the best books I’ve read on coaching. He defines and gives light to the strategy of positive coaching. It’s written as if you are talking to an old friend. Very easy, personal, enjoyable read for anyone interested in the coaching field. It is so insightful I think it should be a requirement for all coaches! Check it out!


 Positive Coaching: Building Character and Self-esteem Through Sports: Jim Thompson: 9780982131701: Books.

Show No Sign of Weakness

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I came across this blog post and absolutely loved it. The tone is a little harsh in places, but the overall message of portraying strong confidence is conveyed well. Check it out – Show No Sign of Weakness.

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