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Sports Psychology Skeptics

Have you ever been talking to someone and you start to get the feeling they are just humoring you? Listening and agreeing with you to merely be polite, rather than actually buying into what you’re saying? Well, I get this all the time when it comes to Sports Psychology. I constantly receive that polite smile and nod we’ve all been taught since we were children.

In a country where our media is continuously glorifying old school coaches who yell, scream and punish their players to victory; a lot of people find the field of Sport Psychology a waste. Even the entire field of psychology tends to get a bad rep.  You can really get a sense of MV5BMTczNTA2MDc0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTg4MDY2._V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_this negative perspective when talking about psychological disorders, like depression. The general consensus of American society is that people need to just pick themselves up and get over it. They don’t see these disorders as real illnesses, like the flu or cancer. But they are! The mind and body are completely intertwined; the way you physically feel affects the way you think, and the way you think affects the way you physically feel. For instance, have you ever had a bad dream and woke up sweating with a racing heart? Your physical body was simply lying there sleeping, however your mind encountered something so real in its subconscious it caused your body to have a physical reaction. Stomach Ulcers. A physical ailment created by an overly stressed and worried mind. In our society today we are battling an obesity epidemic. Why? Everyone knows that eating nutritiously and exercising are the keys to a healthy weight, so why do we have such a problem with obesity? It’s the mental part of it, the motivation, and the self-control we struggle with.

This is the epitome of sports psychology. Enabling your mind and body to work together to be the best possible version of yourself you can be. Sports psychology teaches your mind to work for you, not against you. It’s easy, while exercising, for you to think I’m tired, I’ve done enough, lets’ quit for the day. Sports psychology trains your mind to push your body to the next level; it trains it to say, just a little bit farther, you got this.

Most people assume Sports psychology is an asset that athletes can only use when they are in a slump or a rut. However, it’s something sport_psychologyathletes can use all the time. In a competitive league where all the athletes have elite skills, the one thing you can have over your opponent is a mental edge. Athletes can have a great game one-day, and a terrible game the next. Why? It’s not their physical skills that drastically decreased in 24 hours, it’s their mental approach that changed!

The best of the best use sports psychology to harness their greatness, maybe it’s just the edge you need to step up your game. Train your mind to work for you!

Quote of the day: 

“What’s above the shoulders is more important than what’s below” Ty Cobb

About smarcia12

I am a special education teacher who also holds a MA in Sport Psychology.

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  1. I simply say to coaches like that ‘ you are setting up there athletes for failure’, they will never reach there full potential without assistance form asport psychologist. No elite athlete has every reached the top without a psychologists assistance at some point.
    Team Sky, who won the Tour De France with Bradley Wiggins and GB cycling both use Dr Steven Peters. Since he joined in 2004 they have won the Tour and 16 olympic gold medals.

  2. Thats a great example! Almost all Golf pros use sports psychologists. It’s such a mental game. Any team, or individual in any sport at any level can benefit from the teachings of sports psychology. I wish I had more access to the field when I was a collegiate athlete. I’m glad the field is growing though. It’s very exciting!

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