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My Brother Started a Blog!

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IMG_4605My younger brother has entered the blog world! He has started a blog to share his love of food and travel. Check it out!

“For my first post, I saw it fitting to write about one of my true loves. I am happily addicted to coffee and we couldn’t be happier together. It all started when I studied abroad in Florence Italy. Coffee isn’t just a drink to Europeans, it is a cultural expression, and an art form. They use the highest quality coffee beans and methods of brewing. I didn’t know much about coffee, aside from the fact that I loved it at all hours of the day. As I started to learn more about it, I kept hearing rumors that coffee wasn’t healthy and that it could interfere with my fitness goals. I was a little shocked to hear that, however, I wasn’t so naive to believe these lies. In reality, coffee is as healthy as what you add to it. If you add spoonfuls of sugar and cream to it, then yes, coffee isn’t a healthy option, but coffee alone has almost zero calories and is a great addition to your daily routine… “read more!

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I am a special education teacher who also holds a MA in Sport Psychology.

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