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Simple Steps for bringing Team Cohesion to the Office

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With all the politics that come into play while working for a corporation it’s hard to stray from the idea of only looking out for yourself. Its every man for himself out there. It’s understandable to put up your guard and hit the floor running as a one man show. After all your job is your lifeline, your sense of security. However, how would the office function if everyone put a little effort into looking out for their co workers?

5071395Team cohesion is a phenomenon that is highly desired in sport teams; it is thought to promote success and heighten enjoyment. Team cohesion is defined as; “The tendency for a group to stick together and remain united in the pursuit if its goals and objectives”. With the high amounts of similarity between sport and the corporate world, office cohesion is said to promote more enjoyable work environments and higher productivity rates.

There are two aspects in this dynamic process of team unity: social cohesion and task cohesion. Social cohesion is the degree to which people get along and enjoy each other socially, and task cohesion is the degree to which people work together to attain common goals. The challenge is to find the balance between the two. Employees need to enjoy each other’s company without letting their enjoyment interfere with the groups productivity…So how can companies increase the unity of their office?…. Read More

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I am a special education teacher who also holds a MA in Sport Psychology.

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