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Ten Minutes Of Greatness

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I really do believe the saying “early bird gets the worm”. I have noticed that the best of the best get there first. Weather it be a teacher, an employee, or an athlete; the ones who get their first, or early, are usually the ones who do the best (2) I’ve also noticed in myself that when I get up early and start my day, I feel the best. I am productive and inspired. There is something about that early morning silence. It’s energizing, empowering, and encouraging.

Have you ever been the first person to do something? Or have you witnessed someone else stepping outside of the box and trying something new for the first time? I have been in both of these situations, and something I heard recently really rings true. People who do things first get noticed. In fact our culture has a slu of terms to describe these people; trend-setters, leaders, or entrepreneurs.

Take 10 minutes to do something that will help you become great before you start your day. Jim Brogan urges his clients and athletes to shoot “swishes” before school in the morning. EXCELLENCEPrime yourself by putting your mind in a productive mindset. This will jump start your day and keep you on the path to success.

So what do I do for my 10 minutes of greatness in the morning? Every morning as I am getting ready for work I watch a Ted Talk. These talks inspire me and help me to add new aspects to my sport psychology lessons.

Taking ten minutes everyday, preferably in the morning, is a great way for athletes to begin the process of improving their mental game. Whether it’s ten minutes of imagery to improve their visualization skills and improve their performance. Or practicing their concentration skills by doing simple focus drills. It could be ten minutes of devising plans of how to deal with adverse situations; how are you going to react if you don’t have your best stuff at practice today?

What can you do before you start your day? It only takes ten minutes.

Quote of the day:

“Excellence is a learned skill” 

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I am a special education teacher who also holds a MA in Sport Psychology.

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